About the Author


CRandeeSribbles  written by Cathy Milne. I am using the pseudonym because it was the most original; I had already tried CathyWrites & CathyScribbles and they were already in use. I began using Randee as a name when in class I was the youngest Cathy. I had to choose a nickname. Since my name was Cathy D. Randolph-Milne I chose Randee for short. Later on in time I dropped Randolph and became Cathy Randee Milne shortened to CRandee Milne. I am back to using the name I was given at birth; Cathy. The only person who still calls me Randee is Kurt, my significant other.

The reason I started this blog is my “need” to write creatively. I will write for myself but offer my writings with anyone who wants to read what I publish here. My thought is this blog as opposed to Raggz2Baggz.com is sort of scrapbook to showcase the creative side of ME! 

I am a grandmother of two wonderful boys Xavier age 6 & Damien age 3.

I love to crochet, draw, read, macrame, tie-dye, garden, write and spoil my dog Bubbles.

Joy & Charlie with Xavier and Damien

Joy & Charlie with Xavier and Damien


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