Journalism Has Made For Quite A Year​

photo of GLV Certified Wrtier Cert.

My certificate of completion for Boot Camp.

I began a journalist’s writing course with Guardian Liberty Voice called Graduate Writer’s Boot Camp in June 2015. It was an experience that I will never regret. The program was supposed to be two weeks long, however, due to many circumstances it took me longer.

Quitting was not an option for me. Initially, I began as a way to build my portfolio, and it was not long before my feelings had changed. I wanted to be a journalist, so I made the needed changes in my writing style and my life to dedicate myself to be the best writer I could.

Once I became a certified writer and negotiated a contract I was surprised to find my skills had grown exponentially. My first articles are an embarrassment, but I have moved forward.

Not surprisingly, my focus was U.S. News and Entertainment. My passion is Politics. I was offered the position of Senior Political Editor. The thing that did surprise me was that I was asked to become the Assistant Director of Education!

I found that I love teaching. Although, this should not have been a surprise since I have racked up many hours tutoring ESL and English. There are days that wear me down and students who try my nerves, but I still enjoy my job.

The one drawback of teaching is I do not seem to have enough time for my writing. As a journalist, with press credentials, I have tried to get out into the community to do reports. I have interviewed people and have not submitted anything for publication. So, I write when I can. My breaking news articles are one way I can express myself on a news basis.

I have begun to post my articles on a Facebook Page called “Journalist Cathy Milne.” Frackle Media Group also has several other sites, another site my articles can be found is The Public Slate. I have also begun to use a hashtag so readers can locate me anywhere on the internet – #CMJournalist.

Here are some of my most recent posts:

Frackle Media Group is a “member program” not an employment program, and we are paid for reader views (pay-per-click commissions). I do receive a stipend for my position as an educator, but my primary pay is my commissions. As a freelance writer, that means self-promotion, so I will continue to promote here and on Facebook.

Ta-Ta for now, Cathy


About Cathy Milne - Journalist, Freelance Writer, Assistant Director of Education for Frackle Media, and Creative Being

Senior Political Editor/Assistant Education Director. Cathy trains up-and-coming journalists for the publication. Also, she oversees political assignments to a growing cadre of citizen journalists. She contributes to GLV and writes LGBTQ, Health, Entertainment, and U.S. News articles. All aspects of Politics fascinate her."
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