Goodbye Halloween/Hello NaNoWriMo

Sitting at the Starting Gate! 


begins at Midnight…..

Tick Tock Tickety Tock Tick Tock Tickety Tock 



About Cathy Milne - Journalist, Freelance Writer, Assistant Director of Education for Frackle Media, and Creative Being

From GLV Profile: "Cathy Milne - Senior Political Editor/Assistant Education Director. Cathy trains up-and-coming journalists for the publication. Also, she oversees political assignments to a growing cadre of citizen journalists. She contributes to GLV and writes LGBTQ, Health, Entertainment, and U.S. News articles. All aspects of Politics fascinate her." My Creative S​ide: I am a custom clothing designer, ​and I have a line of Handbags called Raggz2Baggz. Community Involvement: I am also the coordinator of Oregon's Hats for Hope. It is a charitable organization that helps the Homeless & Working Poor.
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