I am soooo…

My Painful Story

When I was in seventh grade, about age 11, I began having pain in my right shoulder. It didn’t seem to want to get better. Then my knees began hurting too. They both swelled up like balloons, they were hot to the touch and very red. When I went to the doctor he had me admitted to the hospital for tests. The diagnosis was Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. There were tests, too many but I remember the EKG and the results were great! My heart was not affected by the Rheumatic Fever!

Now that diagnosis seems to be incorrect. I did have Juvenile Arthritis and do suffer with the Arthritis. My left knee has been totally replaced so the pain in that joint is gone. Even though the doctors told me I would have no pain they forgot to mention the muscle spasms and the knee doesn’t always bend like it should and so I trip often. I now have major arthritic pain in both hands, my lower back, both shoulders and my right knee (which needs to be replaced).

Thank goodness for pain management medications!! I was on high dosages ten years ago and have gradually worked down to a practical level. However, the doctors now are concerned that “they don’t know the long-term effects of the medications” so I am now slowly being weaned down as far as I can tolerate. The withdrawals are hellish. They gave me a different pill for the creepy-crawly feelings of ants under my skin and the shakes. It seems we are playing one step forward and two steps back. You know what I mean? Personally, if I died a few years earlier (than what?) I’m sure I don’t care I am not looking forward to living with the pain I now have. It’s just going to get worse as they taper more and more.



So just what are the steroid shots in my knees and spine going to do to me in the big picture of things??




The graphic below was posted on the Facebook page Healing Well where you can find more graphics, great inspirational stories, the links for their blog and website. There is a vast amount of information on the site.

Speaks for itself



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