Me & Mine

My Birthday

In 14 days I am having a birthday, that’s a little 360 hours (give or take a few). I have been on this earth for 56 years.

I am the oldest child of five. My siblings are:

  • Richard Cochran born September 1959
  • Darla Greer born October 1960
  • Kevin Cochran born January 1962
  • Angela Stanton born June 1963

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 Now you know.

My family is important to me.  Mom lives in Tennessee with Darla and her husband, Bryant. Angela and her husband, Gordon also live in Tennessee. Richard and his wife, Marty live in North Carolina. Kevin lives in Nevada.

I live in Oregon.  I miss them dearly.

More to come, including my Novel.

Opps!!! I didn’t mention my crazy puppy.

Bubbles is a 3-year-old Powder-puff Chinese Crested and she needs her own dog. She is my companion dog and she gets so lonely when I am gone. Even the bathroom. Sheesh! I thought once my children were grown I would be able to use the bathroom Alone!! 


About Cathy Milne - Journalist, Freelance Writer, Assistant Director of Education for Frackle Media, and Creative Being

Senior Political Editor/Assistant Education Director. Cathy trains up-and-coming journalists for the publication. Also, she oversees political assignments to a growing cadre of citizen journalists. She contributes to GLV and writes LGBTQ, Health, Entertainment, and U.S. News articles. All aspects of Politics fascinate her."
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2 Responses to Me & Mine

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Happy early birthday 😀


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